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Ready to talk?


Liz's Cyberoffice


Come into the Cyberoffice. If you have not read About Online Therapy, you will find it helpful to do that first. If you have, you may now schedule a session.

First, decide what kind of session you want.

Individual chat sessions take place in the secure One on One Cyberoffice. Liz can help you decide if chat is right for you. Your payment will confirm your scheduled appointment.

Email sessions can take place at any time, at your convenience. Once you've made your payment, you can write Liz as long an email as you like. She will respond promptly, and a response time of 48 hours or less is guaranteed.

The secure Group Room is available for couples counseling, groups, professional training, and workshops. Before scheduling a couples session, you must discuss with Liz whether this is right for you and your partner at this time.

All chat sessions are by appointment only. To maintain security and confidentiality, each client must be logged into the chat room for his or her session.

Email Liz to learn more
or schedule a session.



Informed Consent

Before your first session, please READ Informed Consent. This material is designed to protect you by explaining the scope and limits of confidentiality in seeking online counseling or online therapy by chat or email. You will be asked to send Liz a brief email before your first session to state that you have read and understood this material.


You will need to prepay for your chat or email session.


Payments are made to Elizabeth Zelvin via www.Paypal.com



60 minute chat
30 minute chat
45 minute phone session
30 minute phone session
1 email exchange

$ 90
$ 90

After making a payment, email Liz at liz(at)lzcybershrink.com or by clicking (scroll up to mailbox, Email sign, or LivePerson icon). If you chose chat, email to schedule your chat session. If you chose email, send your first email telling her about yourself and the issues you need help with. You will receive a therapeutic response in 48 hours or less.

If you have not used Paypal before, it is easy to use, and it costs nothing to make a payment. You can pay directly by electronic transfer from your bank account or by using a credit or debit card. Or if you prefer, you can deposit money for your sessions in an online Paypal account. Paypal accepts many non-US currencies as well as dollars.


If you need to contact Liz, use the email link. Remember that all appointments must be scheduled in advance.




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